Top 10 signs of Depression in INDIA

Top 10 signs of Depression in INDIA

Have you observed your friends recently? Did you felt anyone acting out of the normal or did someone asked you that your not whom you are used to be? Now you might start thinking why am I asking these questions there is a valid reason for this if you find any of your friends or yourself with following signs listed below, make sure my friend these are the signs of depression.

Depression is not a disease its state of mind. So next time when you meet your friends, family members or someone you care about just watch for these signs. You can help them.

Not everyone suffering from depression may have all these signs it varies from one person to other some may have all signs or some may have very few signs. Now, why am I asking you to observe? At worst depression can make a person commit suicide. According to World Health Organisation, there are 50 million Indians are suffering from depression as of 2015 report.

Here is the list of 10 signs:

10.Changes in Sleeping Pattern


Depression-sleeping problem

Are you still awake at 2:00 AM in the morning thinking about nothing or something? You are still on the bed till 12:00 p.m. and yet not interested in waking because you feel there is nothing to do even if you wake up. Consider it is the sign.Thinking about the particular thing which is bothering you on a daily basis will constitute a pattern leading to insomnia.Early-morning awakening or oversleeping are the symptoms of depression.

09.Problems With Concentration/Focus:


You used to read a book in a day, but now it is taking you longer than that or your not getting the same results as you used to get before.Now there is a difference in your efficiency.Well, the reason behind this is the work which your attending is not receiving the same amount of attention from you as it was before.In simple words your not concentrating properly.Forgetting or Poor decision making are the symptoms of depression.

08.Feeling Hopeless:

Depression-feeling hopeless

Why me?

This question is the common one that crosses our mind when we feel hopeless.Feels like thrown away from the world and feeling alone even when people surround you.Always having pessimistic thoughts about things around you, like even when there is a chance of winning the game, you think like your not going to win.Always thinking in a manner that things are out of control and you are helpless, and you have nothing to do.

07.Sudden Weight Loss/Gain:

Depression-weight loss

Six months back you bought a shirt or top now it is too tight to wear, or it is too loose. Surprising what happened within a short time.Either you might be too happy that you did not notice gaining weight or you might be serious at the gym. If these are not the reasons for losing or gaining weight, then, you must consider it as a sign of depression.Poor diet leads to change in weight.

06.Anger Issues:


Your failing in controlling your anger, getting annoyed even at small things.Having little tolerance levels.Becoming violent when things go south.Feeling irritated most of the time.Yelling at people you care.

Above all are possible signs of depression.

05.Loss of Interest:

Depression-loss of interest

Playing games and engaging in social activities are your best activities once.But not anymore.You lost interest in daily activities.You started showing zero interest towards many activities.You are very active once, but now you are silent almost all the time.You keep yourself away from the world as if they are from another planet or vice-versa.

04.Decreased energy levels:


Yo used to complete a job in short time. However, now you are taking all the time in the world.Because you are tired or at least that is what you feel. Even at small tasks, you are exhausted.Depression makes you think like your tired all the time.Always you seem like you are drowsy.

03.Feeling worthlessness:

Depression-feeling worthless

You always criticise yourself.You feel like you are the reason for all the failures, even when you are not the reason.You do not think straight, and instead, you start blaming yourself for others mistakes.You take the guilt for nothing.

Guiltiness for nothing is the definite sign of depression.



Sad face all the time, even small disappointments make you cry. Persistently being sad is the common symptom of depression. Always looking anxious.Worrying at daily activities, by thinking too much.Always having an occupied mind even when there is no need.

01.Suicidal temptation:


Thinking to put an end to all the pain you are facing.Surrendering yourself to the situations so that you will be free from the misery of life. Going rogue and not able to control your mind. It feels like nature has a grudge on you, and you are choiceless.

These are the major possible signs of depression

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